Driving innovation in Mobility

Like many other domains, the transport sector is experiencing rapid proliferation of new technologies and disruptive innovation. In parallel, there is increasing incentive to re-shape mobility to make it greener and more sustainable, thus fostering a culture of change and experimentation that challenge conventional systems.

In this context, it is important to understand and apply effective strategies for a smooth transition to smart and sustainable mobility. As a chaotic change may lead to unintended consequences for the environment, may compromise transport safety and may lead to social disparities as well as unfair competition.

SQUARIS works closely with several international transport associations, European Union and the United Nations to ensure safety, sustainability and connectivity in the transport domain. Our work spans from conducting research for policy development and implementation, as well as effective enforcement of rules to ensure safety, social fairness and competition.

Projects that made an impact

Discover about our cases below where SQUARIS helped to improve and establish new standards for Transport & Mobility