Improving Communication, promoting safety and security

Safety and security are two sides of the same coin, both focus on ensuring individual and societal well-being against harmful events that can endanger life, stability, and economy. While ‘safety’ may focus on unintentional events such as natural disasters, ‘security’ often relates to acts of crime and terrorism that are intentional in nature.

Ensuring safety and security remains a key objective at national, European, and international level. In the context of the COVID pandemic several new complexities have emerged revealing new priority areas to ensure public safety and security.

SQUARIS provides direct support to international associations working to promote public safety and countering threats related to crime and terrorism. The scope of our activities ranges from promoting the uptake of technological solutions to improve emergency response, to designing communication campaigns to counter disinformation and radicalization.

Projects that made an impact

Discover about our cases below where SQUARIS helped to improve and establish new standards for Safety & Security