National authorities

SQUARIS is proud to have a successful collaboration with a range of public and private organisations including government agencies and ministries, SMEs and large international companies, research institutes and international associations. These collaborations enabled SQUARIS to cement and further expand its standing and to achieve the aim of creating long-term partnerships not limited only by selling the services.

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SQUARIS has a proven track record of delivering value to public authorities and governmental agencies that play a major role in providing public services in the EU.

European institutions and national ministries subsidise projects in many areas (security, research in new technologies, public health, telecommunications and transport etc.). These projects are proposed and carried out by economic stakeholders in order to realise political or technical objectives of specific programmes. Being experts in EU and national procurement rules and possessing a deep knowledge in variety of fields, SQUARIS Consultants take regularly part to these projects or tenders and thus enter to contractual relationships with these authorities.